Pushing the Boundaries of Analytics and Security in IoT

And using quantum based hardware to get there.

What we do

Anaxa specializes in the inconceivable. Even in a world of an ever-growing list of connected devices, there is so much room for growth. Our goal is to implement bleeding edge, quantum based hardware across different industries to solve their biggest problems.
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Secure and Instantaneous Communication

A new era of privacy

With quantum based communication implemented in areas like healthcare applications, data being transmitted and received will only be seen by the right eyes with no delay.


Data processing

Done efficiently.

With quantum computing algorithms designed for efficiency and speed, anyone can gather insights and trends faster and with less data.


Flexible, End-to-End Solutions

Conforming to different needs

Anaxa doesn't just cater to a few different applications. We work to craft a qIoT solution regardless of the circumstances.